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Featuring 5.1-channel surround sound combined with progressive scan DVD technology, the Audiovox DV1201 home theater system integrates elite-level sound and video to successfully emulate (and even surpass) the movie theater experience. The progressive scan feature generates a picture with twice the scan lines of conventional DVD images, improving your resolution and sharpening the objects onscreen while eliminating nearly all motion artifacts. The DV1201 also features a built-in Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II decoder, letting you complement your favorite DVD movies with full, rich sound. In addition, the system offers other sound adjustments, including movie, music, and matrix modes--that actively replicate the aural attributes of a theater, stadium, concert hall, or intimate club. Whether you're watching movies, rooting for your favorite team, or listening to music, the DV1201 generates exciting sound that livens up your home.

The system comes with four magnetically shielded satellite speakers, a center channel speaker, and a powered subwoofer. The 200-watt unit also offers such DVD functions as multi-angle playback, zoom, slow motion forward and reverse, secondary audio (when available), programmable memory, and repeat playback. Viewers can switch between 4:3 pan scan, 4:3 letterbox, and 16:9 widescreen modes to increase their video options. The receiver is also equipped with an integrated AM/FM tuner with 20 presets, and to further enrich your audio options, the DVD player is compatible with DVD Video, audio CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, and JPEG picture disc formats.

The DV1201 invites users to add additional components using its host of video and audio connections, including a digital audio output, a component video output (ideal for connecting to a high-definition TV), one composite input and one output, and an S-video output.

* DVD home theater system with 4 satellite speakers, center speaker, and subwoofer
* Progressive scan function generates twice the resolution of conventional DVD players
* Includes built-in Dolby Digital and Pro Logic II surround decoders
* Compatible with DVD-Video, audio CD, CD-R/RW, MP3, and JPEG formats
* Component video output, composite input and output, S-video output, and digital audio output

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