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The perfect solution for anyone needing an under-counter TV or DVD player in the kitchen. A great companion while preparing a meal, putting away groceries, or cleaning the kitchen. The screen on this compact and stylish TV provides a crisp picture from either DVD or television signals. You can also listen to CD's or the radio through the built in AM/FM tuner. Features a swivel/folding screen allowing you to turn the screen back and forth along with built-in speakers. It includes an easy mounting kit and a magnetized remote control.

* 10.2" widescreen TFT under-the-cabinet DVD/CD player with ATSC digital TV tuner and AM/FM radio,TFT color display
* DVD,DVD+R/RW, CD,CD-R/RW, and JPEG compatible
* dual ATSC/NTSC tuner for digital and standard TV broadcast reception, digital AM/FM radio
* audio/video input jack for video games,VCR's, or other AV sources
* convenient front panel and on-screen display, integrated stereo speakers, multiple languages, parental lock control.

Color: Silver

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