Blue 8 in 1 Sports Pack For Nintendo Wii
Blue 8 in 1 Sports Pack For Nintendo Wii
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Play your Wii sports games the way they should be played-hands on! Race hot rods, drive golf balls and serve aces using the same motion as you would in real life. Great for Friends and Family. Simply attach either the wheel, golf club, baseball bat or tennis racquet and swing away. You'll feel like you were more in the game than ever before. Racing Grip, Golf Grip, and Racket Grip for use with Wii Remote. Ideal for use with Wii sports games. Bring extra realism to your Wii gaming.

Each Sports Pack Includes (there are 2 sets):

Wii golf club

Wii tennis racket

Wii baseball bat

Wii steering wheel

Wii controller grip

Wii remote Protection cover

2x Padlock Strap

(No Batteries Required)

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