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The Razor(r) Pocket Mod(tm) scooter allows children to cruise down the path at speeds up to 15 miles per hour. The miniature electric scooter can travel up to 10 miles on a single charge, and carries riders up to 150lbs. The scooter features 12-in pneumatic tires and rear suspension for a smooth ride, as well as twist-grip throttle acceleration control and a hand operated rear brake. There is a convenient storage compartment under the seat.

FeaturesFeatures and Benefits
Type : Motorized with Seat--Great for getting around quickly.
Motor Type: 250-Watt Electric--Environmentally friendly and requires little maintenance.
Scooter Suspension: Rear--Absorbs harsh bumps in road.

Scooter Construction: Steel--An extremely durable and forgiving material.
Brake Type: Rear Hand--User is able to maintain control of scooter while braking.
Kickstand--Prevents scooter from falling when stored.

Key Specs
Wheel Size : 12 Inches
Maximum User Weight :150 Pounds
Overall Length: 49.25 Inches
Maximum Speed Range: 15 Miles Per Hour
Range: Up to 10 miles

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