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It Only Does EVERYTHING.™ With Blu-ray gaming and movies all playable in stunning high definition, the ability to download games, movies and more from the PlayStation®Network, built-in Wi-Fi, Internet browser and hard drive, and now PlayStation®Move, the PlayStation®3 can be enjoyed by every member of your family. Move into the most immersive gaming experience ever with PlayStation®Move and the PlayStation®3 system. The PlayStation®Move pairs with the PlayStation®Eye camera to provide the world’s most accurate motion gaming experience. So whether you’re hitting a home run, taking a long-distance sniper shot or tapping in a 3 foot putt, your every move is translated into the game with complete precision. It’s the world’s most immersive gaming experience ever, and it’s only possible on the PlayStation®3 system.

PlayStation®3 System/PlayStation®Move Includes:

* PlayStation®3 system
* PlayStation®Move motion controller (wireless)
* PlayStation®Eye camera
* Sports Champions™ Blu-ray game
* PlayStation®Move game demos disc
* AC Power Cord
* AV Cable
* USB Cable

Special Features:

* The PlayStation®Move places you in the game through ultra-sensory precision.
* PlayStation®Move gaming is accessible and characters are easy to control.
* Challenge friends online, download games, movies, and more, with PlayStation®Network.
* Watch high-definition movies via the included Blu-ray player.
* Enjoy immersive 3D games with your PS3™ system on your 3DTV.
* Stream music and movies from your PS3™ system to your PSP® system.

Bundle Includes:

* Super Value Kit:
USB Cable
Rubber Plug
Clean Cloth
Dust Prevent Cover
* Controller Charge Cradle
* 2.4 Ghz Wireless controller

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