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Enjoy your movie collection with this stylish Toshiba DVD player. Enhanced image quality with ColorStream Pro and numerous playback options make the SD-K780 a great solution for watching movies or viewing slideshows of your favorite digital photos.


* Multi-Format Playback
* ColorStream Pro Progressive Scan Component Video Output
* JPEG Photo Viewer
* 14-Bit/108MHz Video D/A
* Digital Cinema Progressive - 3:2 Pulldown
* Digital Picture Zoom
* Fast Scan
* Slow Motion
* Multi-Camera Angle Select
* Multi-Language Select
* Multi-Subtitle Select
* Audio D/A 192 kHz/24 bit
* Dolby Digital and DTS Compatible Output
* MP3 Playback
* 3D Surround Sound
* ColorStream Pro Component Video Output
* S-Video
* RCA Video Outputs (1)
* L-R Audio (1)
* Coaxial Outputs (1)

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