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The VG Pocket is a portable gaming system that comes pre-loaded with an impressive package of games at a price that pretty much anybody can easily afford. 25 Classic games, including Frogger, are built-in to play anytime using the VG Pocket Handheld game system. There are no cartridges to buy.
Controls surround a bright, backlit 2" LCD color screen for easy (though challenging) gameplay. Want to play at home? It has a connector port to hook to your TV with AV cables. In addition to the arcade classic, Frogger, the game collection also includes Whack the Critter, River Quest, Vitamania, Mutant Hunt, Lord of the Jewels, Sudoku Quiz, Mr. Onion, Billiards Master, Memory Matching, and more for a total of 25 entertaining games that will keep you playing for hours.

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