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Lighter, brighter and just as fun as the original Nintendo DS, the upcoming Nintendo DS Lite arrives just in time for hungry gamers.
Nintendo DS Lite sets itself apart from the original and from every other hand-held gaming system on the market with a variety of new features:

Less than two-thirds the size of the original Nintendo DS
More than 20 percent lighter than the original
Two bright screens adjust to different lighting conditions
Extended battery power
Center-sitting microphone
More visible LED lights
Slightly larger stylus for a better grip
Start and Select buttons are easier to access

Madden 05:

* All-new season options - Sign free agents, complete trades and deal with salary caps
* Choose defensive plays and modify pre-snap assignments with Defensive Playmaker Control
* Enhanced game flow with the dual screens - Play choices are displayed on the top screen while the game action happens on the bottom screen
* All the great gameplay you've come to expect - Season Mode, Quick Game, Two-Minute Drill
* Wireless multiplayer action as you go head-to-head with friends without having to hog the TV plus all your plays and information are hidden on your screens!

Golden Compass:

* The Golden Compass game and upcoming movie are based on the first novel of Phillip Pullman's New York Times best-selling trilogy which has sold over 5.5 million units in the U.S. to date.
* Play as both heroes from the film, Lyra and a giant armored polar bear, Iorek - and combine the strengths of each to progress.
* Following the storyline of the movie, players traverse, evade and deceive their way through action-filled levels.
* Explore 13 vast locations from the movie including two areas that are unique to the game.
* Experience the collaborative bond between Lyra and Pan through the unique 'Demon' (animal spirit) gameplay mechanic.

DS Lite 20 in 1 Kit:
This travel kit is designed for Nintendo DS Lite

Includes: Crystal Case, Car Charger, Card Case x 4, Emergency Charger, Cleaning Cloth, Screen Protector x 2, Headphone, Rubber Plug, Touch Pen x 2, Retractable USB cable 2.0, Card Case x 4, Leather Strap

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