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The TomTom XL 335 offers Easy to Use Driving Intelligence Navigate using the EasyMenu and spoken turn-by-turn instructions including street names to any address in the US - including millions preloaded points of interest. With TomTom maps, you’ll have access to one million more miles of road than you would using other GPS brands – making TomTom maps the most accurate and dependable in the industry. And, with TomTom, you’ll also have two ways to ensure that your maps are always up to date. You’ll start fresh by downloading a new map every few months with TomTom’s Lifetime Map Updates; additionally, with TomTom Map Share On-Demand Updates, you’ll benefit from verified updates from other drivers in between full map releases, as often as you wish. Only TomTom has IQ ROUTES. This exclusive technology evaluates routes based on actual traffic speeds, rather than static posted speed limits, and will recommend the fastest route for the time of day. You’ll always be directed to the quickest, most-efficient route.

* Preloaded with maps of the US
* 4.3" extra-wide full-color touch screen
* Advanced lane guidance gives you extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions
* Text-to-speech provides clear driving instructions with actual street names
* IQ Routes™ Technology calculates the fastest route possible using actual average speeds of travel rather than posted speed limits
* Millions of points of interest
* Easily access local emergency providers such as police, fire stations and hospitals with the "Help Me!" emergency menu
* Fold & Go EasyPort® Mount
* Update your map instantly or download other driver's verified updates with free Map Share™ On-Demand Updates
* Model: 1ET0.017.03
* UPC: 0636926046022

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